About Us


Bad Girl Fitness offers awesome workouts for awesome women. We offer Semi-Private and Team Training sessions designed to build fit and healthy bodies and minds! You will leave each workout feeling strong, confident and empowered to accomplish anything you set your mind to do.

In this women’s only training center you will find support, encouragement and motivation from women of all shapes and sizes as well as fitness levels.

You will also be challenged (at your level) to push yourself to be the best you can be!



Bad Girl Fitness is not a traditional gym with typical strength and cardio machines.

Our training center is filled with dumbbells, kettlebells, sand bags, medicine balls, battling ropes, TRX suspension trainers, tires and more.

Each workout builds strength, cardiovascular fitness and core strength. These workouts are the most effective and efficient way to get a full body workout, burn tons of calories and get your metabolism going. And the best part is…they are fun! No boring treadmill workouts here!

We use two different formats and each one relies on the principle of metabolic resistance training (MRT). This simply means that we will use resistance (weight) to get your heart rate up, do exercises that use a lot of muscle and have little recovery time between exercises.

“I believe in myself, I am a STRONG woman.”