Our Workouts

What is Team Training?
It is NOT group fitness! Team Training offers scientifically designed workouts that will burn fat, speed up your metabolism and shape your body. Done in a group setting, the workouts are coached by a personal trainer (they don't work out out with you...they are too busy coaching you!). Using tools like kettlebells, TRX, sand bags, tires, medicine balls and more makes these workouts incredibly effective and lots of FUN!


Using battling ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, TRXs, tractor tires, etc., we use resistance to elevate our heart rate. By doing this we are maintaining/building muscle while burning lots of calories and fat. Doing traditional cardio-only workouts (aerobics, jogging, spinning, Zumba, etc.) do nothing for your muscles. The key to increasing your metabolism and changing your body shape is having muscle-which we start to lose after the age of 30 unless we do something to stop it…like strength training! We also use interval-style training which gives cardiovascular fitness benefits and encourages our bodies to use FAT for energy. We use exercises that create a metabolic disturbance. This causes your body to experience an afterburn-which means you will continue to burn extra calories even AFTER you’re done working out (24-48 hours). Traditional long endurance cardio exercise does NOT give you this added benefit. Come check out our version of a cardio workout. You'll have a blast and torch fat!

(Recommended 1-3 sessions/week)


Our #1 priority at Bad Girl Fitness is to burn calories and build lean muscle which is the only way to boost your metabolism for the long term. Total Body Strength Team Training sessions are structured to take the place of a full body strength workout. These group sessions are in sets of exercises for specific repetitions. Everyone goes at their own pace, but each week push yourself to lift a little more than you did the week before.

Total Body Strength sessions were designed to give our Team Members the benefits of a full body strength program.

(Recommended 1-3 sessions/week)


5:30 amTotal Body StrengthMetabolic ConditioningMetabolic ConditioningTotal Body StrengthMetabolic Conditioning
9:30 amTotal Body StrengthMetabolic ConditioningMetabolic ConditioningTotal Body StrengthMetabolic ConditioningCardio Strength
5:30 pmTotal Body StrengthMetabolic ConditioningTotal Body StrengthMetabolic Conditioning
6:00pmMetabolic Conditioning
6:30 pmTotal Body StrengthMetabolic ConditioningMetabolic ConditioningTotal Body Strength


I will... Bad Girl Fitness Personal Training

It is high intensity but NOT high impact so you protect your joints.

The program is carefully designed and changes every four weeks to keep challenging your body.

Every exercise challenges your core (in addition to the core specific exercises).

Every workout starts with Foam Rolling and a RAMP (Range of motion, Activation, Movement Prep) which prepares your body to get the most benefits from your workout and help keep your body moving the way it was built to move.

It can be adjusted to fit each individual’s ability and fitness needs.

Taught by a certified personal trainer who coaches you through the workout.