FAQs & Policies


What makes Bad Girl Fitness different from other workouts?

There are many reasons Bad Girl Fitness is different. Every workout is taught by a certified personal trainer who coaches you throughout the workout (not doing the workout with you). It’s like individual personal training at a fraction of the cost! We offer three different types of workouts (Total Body Strength, Metabolic Conditioning, and Body in Balance) that fit together to boost your metabolism, shape your body and keep you feeling great. Bad Girl Fitness is unique in that it is a women’s only training center. We come together to support, motivate and encourage each other on our journey toward wellness.


Do I have to already be in shape to join Bad Girl Fitness?

No. One of the best things about the Bad Girl Fitness workouts is that women of all sizes, ages, fitness levels and abilities can do them. Everyone works at their own pace and there are always lots of exercise options.


What if my joints can’t take a lot of impact?

That’s one of the best things about the Bad Girl Fitness workouts. They are intense but very low impact. We use total body exercises and tools like medicine balls and kettlebells to get our heart rates up while protecting our joints.


What makes the Bad Girl Workouts so special?

Bad Girl Fitness workouts are scientifically designed to burn up to nine times more fat than traditional cardio workouts (think running, spinning, Zumba, etc.) and build lean muscle which will do two great things for you - lean muscle is the only way to speed up your metabolism (so you burn more calories) and it gives your body an awesome shape! Traditional cardio workouts don’t do anything for your muscles and can even cause you to lose muscle….YIKES! Our workouts are also designed around the principle of short burst intervals which have been proven to burn lots more fat than longer, slower (and more boring) cardio. And the absolute best part? You keep burning extra calories even AFTER your workout is done. This just doesn’t happen with traditional cardio.


I see things like Tire Flipping and Sledge Hammers. Is this CrossFit?

It is ABSOLUTELY NOT CrossFit. The goal of the Bad Girl Fitness workouts is to burn fat, build lean muscle to shape your body, build a strong core and improve your mobility and flexibility so you look and feel great. Our workouts use similar tools as CrossFit but the focus is on doing the exercises correctly at your level. No heavy power lifts or trying to get out lots of reps just to do them. Exercise should make you feel better when you’re done!


How many workouts per week can I attend?

You can attend UNLIMITED TEAM TRAINING workouts. The workouts are designed and scheduled so that you can work out two days in a row. However, it's important to allow your body to recover so working out 6-7 days a week is not recommended.


How many women can attend each session?

Total Body Strength workouts are limited to 20 women and Metabolic Conditioning workouts are limited to 24.


How do I sign up for classes?

The best way to sign up is online through our website OR by downloading the Mind Body Connect App to your smart phone. You can purchase memberships, check the schedule, sign up for a class, cancel a class and check for canceled classes due to weather or emergencies. You can also call 440.396.8971 or email us at info@badgirlfitness.com to sign up (see our contact info). You may also purchase memberships if you arrive early before a class starts. However, there is not a guarantee that there will be space available in the class.


What if I want to try a workout first?

The BEST way to try everything we have to offer is our 30 DAY TRAINING EXPERIENCE for only $89! You will have an evaluation and movement assessment done and a program designed just for you. Then you will be able to attend unlimited Team Training sessions and also four Small Group Sessions (which is really personal training, sharing the hour with 2-4 women). All for only $89!


What should I wear/bring?

Wear comfortable clothing that will allow you to move and not overheat and a good pair of gym shoes. Bring a yoga mat (no, we are not doing yoga!), a water bottle and a towel - you are gonna sweat! IF IT IS RAINING OR SNOWING, PLEASE BRING SHOES TO CHANGE INTO SO THE FLOOR STAYS DRY.


Does Bad Girl Fitness have child care?

We do not have child care at Bad Girl Fitness.


I'd love to bring my daughter. How old do you have to be to workout at Bad Girl Fitness?

Girls 14-15 can attend the workout with an adult. Sixteen to 19-year-olds can join and attend on their own.


Cancellation policy:

If you aren't able to attend a class you have signed up for you must cancel two (2) hours prior to the start of the class (this is done online). This allows women on the waiting list the opportunity to attend the class. If you do not cancel two (2) hours prior to the start of class and are a no-show, you will lose a class or be charged a $10 fee if you have an unlimited session membership.


Inclement weather policy:

We do our best to always offer classes. If the weather is nasty, please check our online scheduler for any last minute cancellations.


Change your shoes:

Please carry in your workout shoes if it is wet outside from rain or snow. Wet shoes and wet floors are slippery!