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What our members are saying

What do I love about Bad Girl Fitness? The Difference: Well, for starters, let’s talk about the difference in my body since starting this program. I have lost the most inches in my midsection, and that’s without doing a single sit-up! I’ve dropped a pants size and even the new size is getting big. Next difference is in my arms, which besides my midsection have always been a problem area for me. But they are starting to take shape and I’ve really noticed a change! This program not only helps you lose weight and inches, but it also sculpts and shapes at the same time. And if you put the work in, you will be so happy with the results. The Classes: The classes are structured to be different every time. They are never the same twice, but always challenging, so I’m never bored with the routine. Every class works your body in a different way so your body doesn’t have a chance to assimilate to the routine like it would on a treadmill or in a spinning class. With Bad Girl Fitness, my muscles are constantly challenged which makes them work harder every time. The People: I have tried many different exercise programs in the past, but I can honestly say that I have never met a more supportive group of woman than at Bad Girl Fitness. Everybody roots for each other, we challenge each other, and most importantly, congratulate each other for our accomplishments. When you join Bad Girl Fitness you are not just a member, you are part of a team. Lastly, Diane, our instructor, not only does she give us challenging daily workouts, but she is constantly pushing us to do our personal best, to work hard and dig deep to get the most out of each and every workout. She is always monitoring to ensure we are doing every exercise correctly to get the biggest benefit out of each routine. She never pushes you to do more than you can handle but always encourages you to do better. Diane is our biggest cheerleader. I have tried so many different exercise programs in the past, but that ends here. I have found the program that works best for me. It is never boring, it is always challenging, and the results are phenomenal. Thank you Bad Girl Fitness for empowering me!!! Kelley Boole
I struggled to keep a regular workout routine. When I would go to a regular gym, I was intimidated when I wanted to try and lift weights, so I just stuck to walking, elliptical machines and spin classes, because I thought cardio was key to getting in shape, losing weight and toning. I also tried working out with a personal trainer, but did not achieve the results I wanted. A lot of money was spent getting nowhere. I felt defeated and just about gave up. And then, one day, I met the owner of Bad Girl Fitness, Diane Risdon, and the transformation began. When I first joined Bad Girl Fitness, I was asked to list some goals. My goals were to be healthy, get fit and be alive. Anything else would be a bonus. Since joining Bad Girl Fitness, I’ve learned that working out can be a whole lot different and varied then you think. I am addicted. I have watched my strength and conditioning increase each month. I’m getting stronger with each workout and it shows. Every class is challenging and requires hard work, but the results are phenomenal. My body has changed noticeably, and my way of thinking about fitness and being healthy has completely changed, as I no longer want to be thin. I want to be strong, healthy and toned. And I’m definitely happier and my self-confidence has returned. I’m so glad I joined! It’s the best and most fun workout experience I’ve ever had. Every time I work out, I feel like I’ve accomplished something and pushed myself. I’ve never been bored. Diane, Jennifer and Bridget are great trainers who genuinely care about everyone that walks through the door. Additionally, the other members are inspiring and motivating. You won’t find a better group of women, and other gyms don’t even compare. Oh, and that bonus I mentioned earlier…over 18 pounds of weight lost!! I truly believe the weight came off because I didn’t focus on it, but focused on being healthy and getting stronger. I reflect daily on Bad Girl Fitness’ mantra…I Will, I Am, I Can. Because you know what? It’s true. Laura S. Member since September 2015
I have worked out and eaten healthy most of my adult life. I have never been afraid to try something new, especially when it comes to my health and well-being. Diane is forever studying the latest research in the health and wellness industry to make sure her Bad Girl Fitness clients reach their goals. I was more than amazed at the muscle tone I have gained since starting the metabolic training workouts over a year ago. And I saw results in a short amount of time! It feels great to wear the same size clothing I did 20+years ago! Diane truly cares about each individual and wants to make sure you reach your goals. As long as you want to get there, she will be right by your side. Thank you Diane and Bad Girl Fitness for being part of my healthy routine.
Linda / Member